Necromancy? Not in my graveyard. Technophobe Edlud fights against the big business of the Mysticarium that is taking over his town.

I’ve added a new page for my novella, Mysticarium. It’s a whole new comic fantasy setting which will act as a hub for a host of future short stories, novellas and whatever other length stories I decide to go with. There’s necromancy, pyromancy, technomancy and a range of other -mancies going on. Any tool you need, any training or job, the Mysticarium has it covered. Of course, what you get is exactly what you ask for, though perhaps not what you expected. The story is available either as a pdf download or through a Great Wall of Text on the Mysticarium page.

Progress bars have moved along on the Human project and I’ve recently signed a contract for a comic fantasy short story that should be up for publication soon. More details on that when I have them.

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