Race Day

Since there was a training day post, there had to be a race day post. Today I entered the 1-hour endurance roller ski race at York Sports village. Apart from getting lost in York (sat-nav is only as good as its map), it was a top day. Hats off to the Yorkshire Dales Cross Country Ski Club for the organisation.

As it was mainly geared towards novices, my coach and I took slow, training skis. We’ve all been novices, and other people whizzing past certainly doesn’t help when you’re desperately trying to keep your balance. There’s a fantastic batch of skiers coming through the Yorkshire Dales programme and I have great respect for those who entered a race with just a few weeks experience on roller skis.

In reality, there was a range of ability levels on the track. The race itself was a bit of a grueller, but good for training when you’re lugging slow, heavy skis around. Fortunately the wind and rain held off in favour of glorious sunshine. Since I’ve been lucky with race weather so far, I’m probably due apocalyptic storm at some point. As with the last race, I picked up a few pieces of technique to work on, and definitely need to look into pacing over long distance. Too fast to start again and felt the burn about 20 minutes in. Still, pushing on earned me 2nd place.

Here’s a couple of shots from the race (me in 42):

Leading the way...for a while.

Leading the way…for a while.

Raring to go.

Raring to go.

Next up is a 10km time trial in London. It’s a new track for me, and another bunch of skiers, so should be good experience. I’m expecting a stronger field, and to be a long way off the podium. It’s all good practice for what it’s really all about – the snow.


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