The Biathlon Starts Here!

Quickly checking in as I have a few spare minutes before heading into the mountains for the day. Yesterday had me a little below the Olympic rings on the cross country ski track (should you catch the race, look for the British flag there). Today, I’ll be lower still, closer to the track but able to see the huge screen. Though yesterday’s view was excellent, it turns out that it’s nice to see what’s happening elsewhere on the track. That’s just for the cross country relay though. For the biathlon, I’ll be in the grandstand. Go Domracheva! The Russian group I met at the last race (Yula & company) look to be in the same place for the biathlon so I may yet have some familiar neighbours.

So far I’ve been mistaken for one of the athletes on no less than five separate occasions. Guess all those press ups are doing something.

Time to move, trains to catch, races to watch.


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