Merlin returns! He’s finally out of the tavern!

Since I’m jetting off to Athens tomorrow, this week’s post comes a day early.

Today saw the return of BBC’s Merlin in its fifth season. While it’s grown into one of my favourite shows, I took a little time to come to terms with the modern language and deviations from Arthurian legends. My advice for newcomers: accept that the legends provide the basis and that entertainment is the goal rather than mythological accuracy. Good fantasy is hard to find on TV and this is well worth a watch.

My favourite so far has to be Goblin’s Gold (season three) but I’m bias since those guys run rampant in my Legacy of Torr novels (although just as mischievous as Merlin’s, they’re a different take).

At the end of the last season we left Arthur and Gwen on the thrones. Although I’ve never been fond of Gwen, I’ll just have to get used to the fact that Arthur married her. Inevitable as that was I much preferred the clumsy, belching Elena from season three. Granted, she was possessed by a Sidhe and ate frogs but there’s just no accounting for taste.

So, one episode into season five, how’s it standing up? Pretty good!

Morgana has grown into some kind of Narnian ice witch come Lady of Moria. I notice she’s also broken her trend of how evil she is being directly related to the amount of lipstick she’s wearing. The effect of such make up in previous seasons can be measured in the graph on the right.

The other guys are putting in strong performances with all the great interplay between Arthur, Merlin and the knights that we’re used to. The first storyline throws us right into peril, particularly since we all know about Mordred and fate. To avoid spoilers, I won’t say any more except “go watch.”

All in all, it’s onto a good start and I look forward to part two next week. Good job BBC!


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