Magical Mysticarium

Now bear with me because today’s post comes from the feverish depths of a cold. Not the deadly Man Flu – nothing that extreme. It’s the sort that, upon waking, you wonder who dropped the anvil on your head and took a lawnmower to your throat. Through lemsip-infused clarity (like the thinking cap in Hitch Hiker’s Guide, only warmer and with more honey) comes the Magical Mysticarium.

It’s that time in a longer project when I want to offload some of the backlog of ideas and do something silly.    Apparently this is the norm for me and gave rise to a couple of pretty cool short stories while writing Forshai Rising. Of course, Forshai Ascended is still plodding along while all this goes on.

So, what’s the plan?

My initial thoughts for this run along the lines of a series of smaller projects, most around short story or novella length. For the moment, I’m encapsulating it under Magical Mysticarium as a working title. By “working” I mean that it will change at least fifteen times before any of its words see the light of day. This collates a few concepts that have been floating around in my notepad for a while and gives them a place to live. With fireplaces. And perhaps a sofa. As with most of my short fiction, these stories will tend toward the humorous. Those who enjoyed the Adventurer’s Guide to Dungeoneering should particularly identify with them, although these will be more accessible to fantasy fans as a whole. No jokes about dice, I promise.


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