All Quiet?

Well, no, not quite. It just looks quiet on the surface.

Granted, I’ve crafted no enlightening posts on inspiration, motivation, or any subject ending in -ation although at least one more of those is coming. So what has happened? The little progress bars on the right of the page have moved, that’s what. One even jumped to 100%.

Forshai Ascended has gone through some structural changes these last few weeks and our good friend Selwin is a more focused individual for the experience. It also has a map at long last! Cartographers need not worry about their jobs but keeping track of characters and armies is far easier now. Goblins wandering off causing mischief should be aware they’re under scrutiny (I’m looking at you, Sneak).

Thanks to the input of my new writers’ group, Renegade Writers, my comic fantasy short story, Dish of the Asparamancer, has gained some valuable improvements. After some distance and another edit, it will venture into Submission Land, armed with a packed lunch and a song on its lips. But no map. Thems the breaks.

Balancing work, life, martial arts and writing seems to be something of an art and very much a work in progress. If I master time management, I’ll share the wealth.

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