Aug 16

The Pursuit of Motivation

Inspired by the last post? Well, here’s some motivation to help you along the way.

I’d like to introduce one of the great motivational thinkers of our time: Will Smith. No, aliens haven’t gotten jiggy with my senses, bear with me on this. Suspend your preconceptions for ten minutes, if you will, and watch this video (it may change your life):

In that short compilation of clips, Will talks about what drives him to achieve and the personal sacrifice required to make it work. He takes an interesting view on a common wall analogy used in motivational theory. Normally, the wall is presented as a barrier which one must go over, around or through. Will’s (real-life) example refers to building the wall even when first perceptions deem it impossible.

Sure, the clips are old but wisdom never ages. Try telling Plato otherwise.

Whether you like him or not, there’s no denying his success. So work hard, ignore the naysayers and brush your teeth.


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Aug 06

Olympic Inspiration

It’s not often that something prompts me to blog but today is one of those days and the picture on the right is one of those things. For Brits with their head in the long jump sand, and others who don’t know, the lady in the picture is Jessica Ennis, the face of the British olympics.

Since this year’s olympics started, I’ve never seen so many people running or cycling. Children populate the parks and cul-de-sacs, wielding tennis rackets and footballs. Caught in the hype, you might say, but can we build on this inspiration? Can we ensure the spark of greatness burns long after they sweep the programmes and toy medals from the streets and stadiums of London?

Our athletes, and those the world over, have stepped up and shown the way. If you ever needed to justify the years of dedication, focus and training, see the smile on Jessica’s face. That’s the smile of a dream achieved.

At the risk of sounding like a Miss World contestant, part of me wants to believe this could provoke a culture shift. Perhaps it falls to the influencial: the media, the writers, the teachers to nurture it. Like the sentiment in the picture, I’d rather see the likes of Jessica in the headlines and on the screen, reminding us what we can achieve.

Congratulations to Team GB for their exceptional performance in the games. May their success inspire generations to come. And not just the children. Why not dust off that badminton racket or oil that cycle chain? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some press-ups to do.

Picture shared from the Fit Farms’ facebook page: (!/TheFitFarmsClub)